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The Workforce Deployment Cubes have recently been updated - incorporating a new data source that better matches other Agency sources – and can now be accessed from this page.



Detailed Demographics, Deployment and Other Data with Protected Access
This page is made available to internal NASA users in the Workforce Planning Community by the Workforce Strategy Division in the Office of Human Capital Management. The WICN Cubes accessed from this page contain more detailed information than the standard cubes available from the public pages.

The latest Profile data is as of the pay period ending 13 February 2021.

Profile Cubes
This information comes from the Federal Personnel/Payroll System (FPPS) and is updated six business days following the end of each pay period.

Deployment Cubes
The information comes from the Agency's Business Warehouse System (BW). The Deployment Cubes show FTE/FTEE organizationally and programmatically.

FTE Cube
This information comes from FPPS and is based on straight time and overtime hours worked each pay period. The cube contains FTE data since the beginning of FY 2008 and shows average employment levels, actual FTE and the reported hours. These data may vary slightly from the FTE/FTEE shown in the Deployment Cubes.

Attrition Forecast Cube
This information comes from FPPS; the cube combines actual attrition experience with future retirement eligibilities and calculates likely attrition for whatever slice of the workforce is under inspection.

Dynamics Cubes (Personnel Transactions)
Key personnel transactions and the employees affected since FY 1993. This information comes from the personnel/payroll system.

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NASA Employees, to gain access to password protected cubes, call the NASA Shared Services Center at 1-887- NSSC123 (1-877-677-2123).


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