Some of the features you can use in exploring the NASA workforce information with PowerPlay.

More Display Features
Swap Swaps the rows and columns in your report.


Suppresse Suppresses the zeros and null values in your report.
Bookmark Prepares a bookmark for your report by adding the necessary URL information under Bookmarks or Favorites. This is useful if you have found a position in a large cube that you wish to return to easily. Note that once the URL is created, you must bookmark the page with the appropriate browser command.
Export Exports data from a PowerPlay Web report for use in another application. The displayed crosstab data is saved in .csv file format and can then be viewed in any application that supports .csv files, such as Microsoft Excel.
Limits Rows Limits the number of rows per page.


Limits Columns Limits the number of columns per page.


Help Opens the Help application in a separate window.


  New Features in PowerPlay Web 6.0
Nested Crosstabs Rows and columns can now be nested to show parent-child relationships, intersecting multiple dimensions or measures nested within categories. The product has been tested to 17 levels of nesting but there are no programmatic limits to the number of levels of nesting. Nested categories can be viewed in either stacked or indented formats.
Automatic Exception Detection

Automatic Exception Detection

PowerPlay Web examines row and column values, applying statistical analysis to highlight favorable and unfavorable outliers.


80/20 Filter

80/20 Filter

The 80/20 filter quickly and easily eliminates from your report rows and columns to that are not statistically significant. This allows the user to focus on the significant 80% of rows and columns that have the most impact on a chosen measure.

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