The Workforce Strategy Division in the Office of Human Capital Management provides updated WICN Cubes every two weeks. The cubes contain multiple dimensions - any of which can be dragged over to replace the row or column currently shown. Clicking on a row or column label will drill down to a lower level of detail. 

The latest profile data is as of the pay period ending 4 June 2022. 

Who Works Where? 
Locations, occupations, grades, salaries, demographics of NASA employees. This information comes from the personnel/payroll system. Links are to the default cube view and to selected cube views.

Who Works on What?
Deployment of the workforce across all the Agency's missions, themes, programs and projects. This information comes from the Agency's labor distribution system and the personnel/payroll system and is joined together is the cube. Links are to the default cube view and to selected cube views.

How Many Retirements are Looming?
A forecast of future retirements by job and Center based on past experience and on the persons now eligible or becoming eligible to retire, This information comes from a set of calculations using historical losses and the current workforce profile. 

What Changes are Happening?
Key personnel transactions and the employees affected since FY 1993. This information comes from the personnel/payroll system.


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